Civic Technology Foundation

The Civic Technology Foundation leads in the development of technology and grassroots digital campaigns to improve civic engagement at the local level.  Its primary objective is to implement this technology in education systems nationwide so that the arc of individual civic engagement is longer and more meaningful in future generations.

Tall Mammals Studios

Joseph Santori of Santori Productions has created a studio that provides animation motion graphics and video services to clients nationwide.


Think Voting Inc. is a company started by Santori Productions that focuses upon developing mobile application framework and API’s for voter empowerment.  Marketing the frameworks and APIs to the county clerks across the nation, the flagship property of Think Voting Inc. is The Voting App.  The Voting App is a nationwide voter tool that provides users with every bit of information they will need prior to voting in any upcoming election.  It also has the PRElection function, which is a capability of allowing users to cast votes in and view the current results of simulations of their upcoming elections in realtime.  Think Voting Inc. hopes to empower voters nationwide and dramatically increase voter turnout at the polls, thus bringing our governments back to a true democracy representative of the majority eligible voters.